Follow Up Appointment

This appointment is scheduled 5-7 days after your initial appointment.

The team member will screen anyone who had lice or nits at the initial appointment. 


A follow-up allows us to provide you with a 100% eradication rate, which puts clients at ease and helps families get back to normal after dealing with lice. 


It is designed to catch any lice that have been re-transmitted, or nymphs and nits that were too small for detection at the first visit. The intricacies of the lice life cycle and the nearly microscopic size of nymphs make it impossible to guarantee complete eradication with one treatment. Any product that claims it can, is not being truthful! 


The same professional technician who provided your screening and initial lice treatment will meet you at your home to intensively screen each family member. If no live lice or viable nits are found, you and your family will be completely cleared of head lice and your treatment guarantee begins! 


We expect this to be a quick appointment that confirms the success of the initial treatment; but if evidence of lice is found, the technician is available to provide additional treatment. 



Follow Up Lice Screening: $25 per person (Only needed for those who were treated at the initial appointment)

We know how tricky lice, nits, and nymphs can be. We'd rather be certain they're gone, than to send you off with any chance for re-occurrence.