Initial Appointment

A friendly and professional lice removal specialist will meet you at your home and diligently screen each family member for lice and nits using specialized techniques


If live lice or viable nits are found, a Professional Combing -or- our 5 Step Treatment Process is used to eradicate the infestation. We use our own line of specially formulated lice treatment and prevention products that are non-toxic, guaranteed effective, and 100% kid and family friendly.


Also Included:

During our visit and even after the appointment, we will be available to answer your questions and provide you with tips for staying lice free.


Individuals who are treated will be free of lice and nits and are safe to return to school or other daily activities without the threat of spreading head lice to others. 

Lice Screening: $25 per person (only charged if no nits or lice found) 

 Professional Combing: $60 per person   - Or -   5 Step Treatment: $100 per person 


We recommend scheduling a Follow-Up Appointment 5-7 days following your initial treatment. 

Extended Treatment


On average, our 5-Step Treatment Process is completed within two hours. We don't anticipate an individual treatment to take longer than this. However, on rare occasions if the infestation is severe or the individual has hair that is longer and thicker than average, they may require an extended treatment.


Extended Treatment Fee: $25/half hour