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Years of experience have given us a wealth of knowledge

on all things lice related. We're here to share what we know with you.

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As a former social worker and preschool teacher, Beth understands the importance of education in preventing lice infestations and outbreaks. That's why she offers these Info Sessions to groups of all kinds and sizes. 


In these sessions, she answers all of your lice related questions and provides relevant, fact-based information on the basics of lice life cycle, lice and nit identification, treatment, prevention and house cleaning. 

Is there a classroom at school who seems to have a constant problem with head lice? Want to prevent an outbreak before it happens by checking children for signs of head lice at the begining of the school year or summer camp season? 


Our group head lice checks are ideal for these situations. We work with school or camp administrators and families to help them prevent and remedy lice outbreaks.

Our owner and technicians have been in the lice

business for quite some time, which means we've

seen it all and know nearly all there is to know about

lice. Rather than hold this valuable info hostage, we put it out there for all to read and share. Our hope is that the information will help prevent a child or a family from the dreaded critters. 

Do you still have questions about identification, treatment or prevention of head lice? If so, ask us! We're here and more than happy to help you. 


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